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The following Forum exchanges considerable Rose queries: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A FORUM RUN BY ROSE FAMILY ASSOCIATION. For many years it was a valuable forum for posting Rose inquiries. However, unfortunately, it was acquired by another company and appears to no longer accept inquiries. The old queries are still posted there but they seem to have disabled the search feature on it. Nevertheless, check it out for your Roses. To receive an answer directly from the Rose Family Association on your family, send your inquiry to

Kilravock Castle at Croy, Scotland - An interesting website which includes information on the Clan, accommodations, how to contact them, etc.

Clan Rose Society. For information on this Scottish Clan society.

The following is included as a valuable source of various genealogy website linkks..

Cyndi's List   For the website of Cyndis's list, containing many thousands of links to genealogy sites.


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