in the nationwide Rose Family Association
Print and MAIL to the Association's mailing address. [The form cannot be sent by email from this website. You can either scan and email it as an attachment, or simply send us the information in an email if you prefer that method.
You can email to the Association and indicate you would like to use PAYPAL for payment but be sure to let us know what category of membership you want. If enrolling in this manner, please include the following information in your email.]]

First Name Middle Name Last Name


Additional Address

City and State Zip

Telephone Optional: Alternate telephone or cellphone

Email Address @

Optional: Website Address

Subscribing membership - $20.00 ($23.00 Canada) includes quarterly publication
Contributing membership - $22.00 ($25.00 Canada) includes quarterly publication, and contribution to the postage fund
Sustaining membership - $26.00 ($26.00 Canada) - includes the quarterly and helps sustain the organization
Spouse membership - add $2.00 to any of the above. Spouse's name if enrolling:

CHOOSE ONE OF THE FIRST THREE ABOVE ABOVE, and the SPOUSE if husband/wife is to be included.

Make checks payable to: Rose Family Association. IMPORTANT: For membership dues outside of United States or Canada, write to the Rose Family Association or email for information on the out-of-country membership dues. The completed membership form cannot be emailed as we are not set up to accept credit cards. It should be sent to the Association at the mailing address below, together with check.

Payment can be made through PAYPAL. Email to the Association to let them know that is your choice, and an email will be sent through PAYPAL with a link to use to arrange the payment to them. Be sure to specify which category of membership you want. The Association will immediately confirm, and the membership can be quickly processed.

Mail application to:
761 Villa Teresa Way
San Jose, California 95123

Or email it to:


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