These reports give all the information we have on the family to date, based on our personal research trips, census, wills, tombstones, family data, etc. They usually contain 3-5 generations, and average 15-30 pages. Some are longer. (As an example, the Joanna Rose report is about 80 pages; David and Hannah (Par) Rose is over 60, etc.) Study of this material can save you considerable time and expense! If you do not find the family you seek, send us details and we will check our "master files."

To order any of the following, make a check payable to ROSE FAMILY ASSOCIATION and mail it to:

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ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please also examine the COURTHOUSE Research Reports also listed under For Purchase. These courthouse reports are often overlooked but they are important for finding clues among the other Roses of the county. The family report would include any records that were clearly tied to the subject family below. BUT ... the courthouse report of the county in which they lived will include important documents of various other Roses in the county. Those can be examined and further researched for possible new clues and relationships!!

Aaron Rose (w Mariah), Trumbull Co. , Ohio; Mich. $12*
Aaron Rose Roseburg, OR; see report of John Rose of Ulster Co., NY
Aaron Rose Richland Co., OH (prob. son of Jacob of NJ) $19**
Abner Rose (w Sally Summers) Giles & White Cos., TN; Lauderdale Co., AL; Surry Co.,
-----NC ( of editor) extensive $22**
Abner Rose Susquehanna & Wyoming Cos. PA, NY, see Luzerne Co., Pa.
Abraham Rose (w Sarah Mooney), Fairfield Co., OH; Keokuk Co., IA, (also includes -------data on probable father John Rose) $18**
Abraham Rose (w Helen Plass) Ulster Co., NY $14*
Abraham Lacy Rose (w Sarah Rose), Seneca Falls, NY; Franklin Co., OH; Noble Co.,
-----IN; IA;
-see Phillip Rose report
Adam Rose Columbia Co., PA; see Cambria Co., PA report
Alexander Rose (w Margaret Smith) SC; NY City $14*
Alexander Rose (w Helen Adams) Livingston Co., NY and Scotland $18**
Alexander Rose and Samuel Rose Hempstead & LaFayette Cos., AR $19**
Alexander Rose Scotland, and Person Co., N.C. $19**
Allen Rose (w Edna Ann Redfearn) Greene Co., MO $14*
Alvah Rose (w Clarissa Pollock) Wyandotte Co., OH; Wayne Co., NY $15*
Amos 6 Rose Allegany and Cattaraugus Cos., NY $12*
Amos Rose NC; Richfield Dist., SC $16*
Anderson Rose (w Mary Puryear) Mecklenburg Co., VA; Person Co. NC $18**
Anderson Rose (w Celia) Wayne Co., TN; Izard Co., AR $14*
Andrew Rose (w Hannah Chapman) Mercer & Bucks Co., PA, Bucks and Mercer Cos., -----Pa. $20**
Andrew Rose (w Elizabeth Daniels), Morris Co., NJ, UT $20**
Andrew Rose (w Marilla) Erie Co., NY $15*
Anne 2 Rose (M Thomas Flood) Surry Ca., VA, RFB 1971 $13*
Anthony Rose (w Mary Woodring) Pickaway Co., OH; VA, includes data on his
-----parents John and Dorothy Rose Rose of VA $20**
Anthony Rose Northampton Co., Adams Co., PA; Frederick Co., MD $12*
Archibald Rose Sevier Co., TN; VA $15*
Archibald Rose (w Elizabeth (Halloway) Rose, widow of James Rose, Lunenburg Co., -----VA $19**
Bartley Rose (w Rebecca) Russell & Tazewell Cos., VA; NC $11*
Bazil Rose (w Elizabeth) Surry Co., NC; Smith & Robertson Cos., TN; Callaway Co., --------MO $18**
Benjamin Rose Wilkes Co. NC; with appendices on Benjamin of Burke Co., NC; -------------Benjamin of Buncombe Co., NC $19**
Benjamin Rose [evid bro of Hannah Rose Edmonston] Gibson Co., IN $18.00
Benjamin Rose (w Judith) Otsego Co., NY $19**
Benjamin Rose (w Eunice Brooks) sons to St. Lawrence Co., NY) Bennington Co., VT,
-----see Joseph Rose of Scituate, Mass. report
Benjamin Rose (w Mary) Robertson Co. TN; NC $20**
Benjamin Rose (w1 Sarah Holman, w2 Elizabeth Robbins) Macon Co., MO; VA $18**
Benjamin B. Rose (w Susannah Rutherford) Garrard Co., KY; King George Co., VA; --------MD; Mercer Co., KY; Johnson Co., MO $17**
Benjamin C. Rose Roane, Knox/ Loudoun Cos., TN; Wilkes/Surry Cos., NC $15*
Benjamin F. Rose (Dr.), Fayette Co., TX; see Robert Rose of Washington DC
Bluford C. Rose (w1 Vilotti Chapman, w2 Mary A. Finley) Kendall Co., TX; MO; AR; --------NC $19**
BUCKS CO., PA., SOLEBURY TWP., from Dublin to Philadelphia and Bucks Co., 3-4 -------gene.
-which includes proof of Irish ancestry $20**
Burrell Rose (w Margaret?) Nash Co., NC; Southampton Co., VA $16**
CAMBRIA CO., PA. FAMILY REPORT, a special report that covers three Rose families,
-----all probably German: Isaac Rose, David Rose and Adam Rose $20**
Charles Rose (w1 -- Hutchinson, w2 Lucinda Goings) Gallatin Co., KY; King George -------Co., VA; Fayette Co., KY $20**
Charles Rose (w Rebeckah) Monongalia Co., VA; Hunterdon Co., NJ, extensive $20**
Charles Rose (w Frances Harless) Scioto & Jackson Cos., OH; Giles Co., VA; see -------------Joseph Rose of Montgomery & Giles Co. VA report
Charles Rose (w Dianna Lake Penston) Wabash Co., IL; NJ $18**
Cornelius Rose (w Catherine Osbourn) Greene Co., IL; Licking Co., OH, see John -----------Rose of Greene Co., IL report
Daniel Rose Lycoming & Clinton Cos., PA $13*
Daniel Rose Randolph Co., AR $17**
David Rose (w Abigail Busby), Philadelphia, PA $19**
David Rose Orange Co., NY, see Israel Rose, Orange Co., NY report
David Rose (w Providence Murphy) OH $10
David Rose (w Hannah Par) L.I., NY; Washington Co., MD; Lancaster Co., PA; ---------------Berkeley Co., VA; Mahoning/Trumbull Cos., OH, extensive, 4-5 gen., $22**
David Rose (w Polly) Jackson Co., TN; PA $15*
David Rose (w Susan), LA; IN $14*
David Rose Cambria Co., PA, see Cambria Co., PA report
Dempsey Rose Van Buren & Barry Cos., MO $16**
Dennis Rose Chemung & Tioga Cos., NY $16**
Drury Rose Elbert, Wilkes & Franklin Co., GA; AL, MS $20**
Edward Rose Hyde Co, NC $15.00*
Edward Rose of Montgomery Co., VA - $18.00* [this report does not follow his children; it is a compilation
-of records regarding him with some thoughts of his possible relationship to other Roses of that area]
Edward S. Rose Tazewell Co., Va.; Morgan/Lawrence Cos., Ky. $13.00*
Eleager/Eleazer J. Rose Union & Hardin Cos., OH, see Jachonias Rose report
Eleanor Rose and desc. of George W. and Thomas J. Rose, Franklin & White Cos., TN, extensive $20**
Elias Rose (w Nancy Hill) NC; Russell Co. VA; see John Rose of Burke Co., NC
Elijah Rose Berkshire Co., MA; Ontario & Monroe Cos., NY $19**
Elijah Rose (w Lucy Bacon) OH; see Alvah Rose report
Elisha Rose Sevier and Knox Cos., TN (probable son of Hosea Rose) $19**
Elisha Rose (w Milla Haws) Clark & Washington Cos., IN; Schoharie & Dutchess Cos., NY $17**
Emanuel Rose (w Mary) Wilkes Co., NC $15*
Emanuel Rose Cherokee Co., NC; Gilmer Co., GA $15*
Enoch Rose Polk Co., TN; Gilmer Co., GA; Yancey Co., NC $13*
Ephraim K. Rose (w Catherine Lincoln), LaPorte Co., IN $13*
Erhard Rose (w Eva Maria) Berks Co., PA $19**
Ezekiel Rose (w Mary Higgins) Washington Co., PA; Roseville, OH $20**
Ezekiel Rose Hunterdon Co., NJ $20.00**
Francis Rose (w Martha Sandeford) Nash Co. NC; Southampton Co., VA $18**
Francis Rose (w Elizabeth Ford) Buncombe Co., NC; McMinn Co., TN, father
-----of Rev. Zachariah Rose and others $20**
Francis Rose (w1 Hester Stribling, w2 Mary Stribling) Westmoreland Co., VA $15*
Francis M. Rose (w1 Betty Cutbirth, w2 Sarah) Giles Co., TN; NC $20**
Francis Rose Wilkes Co., NC; Scott & McDowell Cos., VA $20**
Francis Rose (w Nancy/Ann) Jefferson Co., KY $15*
Freeland W. Rose (son of Pheby) Lincoln & St. Charles Cos., MO $11*
Gabriel Rose Montgomery Co., Va. $9*
George Rose Fayette Co., KY, father of Lewis, Leroy, Isaac etc. $18**
George Rose (w Ann) Warren & Bute Cos., NC $18**
George Rose (w Nancy Fordyce) Geurnsey Co., OH; Sullivan Co., NY; PA $17*
George Rose Fayette Co., KY $19**
George Rose Laurens Co., SC $17**
George Rose (w Delphia Taylor) Essex Co., VA $14*
George D. Rose (w Catharine Zerby) Kosciusko & LaPorte Cos., IN; Washington Co. MD $19**
George Washington Rose Revolutionary soldier, Lawrence Co., AL; VA; includes photocopy
-----of little known and important affidavits of revolutionary service $20**
George Washington Rose (w1 Nancy, w2 Christina McCoy, w3 Sleetia Pearl Gamble)
-----Jackson Co., AL; TN; MO $17**
George Washington Rose (w Sarah) Franklin Co., TN; see Eleanor Rose report
Gideon Franklin Rose Cherokee Co., NC; Polk Co., TN; RFB 1980 $13*
Gottlieb Rose of Germany, VA; Bedford Co., PA; Bullitt & Jefferson Cos., KY, father of
Capt. Lewis, Martin and Matthias Rose, our 1972 booklet is out of print; we now have
-----a revised and updated mss, though not completed in all details has extremely valuable new data,
-----includes all the data in the booklet and updates this with the new information $20 plus $2.50 mailing
Green Rose and Rutherford Rose, Cocke & Green Co., TN $20**
Henry Rose (w Mary Straw) Berkeley Co., VA; Franklin Co., OH (probable son of
-----Catherine Young); $15*
Henry Rose (m. Jemima), Pope Co., IL; KY; Franklin Co., GA $21** plus $2.75 mailing
Hiram Rose Cherokee Co., NC $15*
Horace Boardman Rose Franklin Co., AR; New Orleans, LA $15*
Hosea Rose (incl. supposed relatives Zachariah, Benjamin & Hannah Rose Edmondston) VA; NC; Washington & Sevier Cos., TN $20**
Howell Rose NC - see William Rose of Granville Co., NC
Howell H. Rose, Jackson & Marshall Cos., AL; GA $19**
Hugh Rose, Scotland and Delaware Co., NY $20**
Ira B. Rose (w Julia Clark) McLean Co., IL $16.00**
Isaac Rose (w Margaret) Braxton & Nicholas Cos., VA; PA $20**
Isaac Rose (w Margaret Leyda) Washington & Mercer Cos., PA $20**
Isaac Rose Onondaga Co., NY $15.00*
Isaiah Rose Green Co., IL; see report of John Rose of Greene Co., IL
Isaiah Rose (w Rachel Brown, Cassa Long) Washington Co., TN; AL $19**
Israel Rose (w Pheby) Long Island and Orange Co., NY $20**
Jachonias Rose (the older Jachonias) Westmoreland, Huntington, Bedford,
-----Cumberland Cos., PA; OH $20**
Jackson Rose (w Ruth Wolfe) Monroe Co., VA; Allegany Co., VA; see Joseph Rose
-----of Montgomery & Giles Cos., VA report
Jacob Rose (w Lydia Burchfield) Burke Co., NC; Green Co., TN; Carter Co., KY $20**
Jacob Rose Sussex Co., NJ, son Aaron to Richland Co., OH $15*
James Rose (w1 Phebe, w2 Betsey Cooper), Fayette Co., KY $13*
James Rose Northampton Co. NC $17**
James Rose (w Jane Conover) Prince William Co., VA $20**
James Rose (w Mary) Grundy Co., MO; Lamar Co., TX - includes appendix on John Rose (w Mary Ann Wilson) who may be related) $19**
James Rose
(w1 Sarah Van Wagoner, w2 Lucy Wiggins) Pickaway Co., OH; Ulster Co., NY $19**
James Rose (w Sarah) Delaware & Sullivan Cos., NY $15*
James Rose (w Emily Buchanan) Scott Co., AR; GA $16**
James Rose Chester Co., PA and Phila., includes sons James Rose (w Isabella Hall)
-----Northumberland & Susquehanna Co. PA & Dr. Robt. H. Rose (w Jane Hodge)
-----of Susquehanna Co., PA $18**
James Rose (w Jerusha McGlawhorn) Hardeman Co., TN; Johnston Co., NC $18**
James Rose (w1 Mary Ann, w2 Rebecca Phippes) Durham), Rev. War soldier, ----------------Grayson, Lee,
-----Russell & King George Cos., VA $17**
James Rose (w Mary Brown) Warren Co., VA; see Thos Rose of Warren Co., VA
Jane 3 Rose (m1 Rich. Avery, m2 Edw. Booky) Surry Co., VA; RFB 1972 $13*
Jason Rose, Gallia Co., OH; Warren Co., IN: Montgomery Co., VA; $11*
Jeremiah Rose, Henderson Co., IL; Maine (f/o Hiram) $5*
Jeremiah Rose, Scioto Co., OH $14.00*
Jesse Rose (w Alsina Long) Hancock Co., IL $16*
Jesse Rose Harrison Co., KY; VA $16*
Jesse Rose (w1 Julia Clark, w2 Mary Dunkle?, w3 Sarah Roundtree; w4 Mary Cook)
-----Hamilton Co., IL $15*
Jesse Rose (w Permelia Fleming). Tuscaloosa Co., AL - see Drury Rose
Joanna 1 Rose New London Co., CT, mother of Thomas Rose, extensive material.
-----We prepare a 5 gen. report $20 plus $3.00 mailing
Joel Rose (m Hannah Perry), Ashe Co. NC; Scott & McDowell Cos., VA $16**
John Rose (m 1st Mary, 2nd Elizabeth), Salem Co., NJ $20.00*

        [above previously thought to be of the Tormut Rose family but disproven]

John Rose (w Sarah), Morris Co., NJ and Hamilton Co., OH $15*
John Rose (w Charlotte), Cumberland & Dauphin Cos., PA $19**
John Rose (w Rhoda Strain) Benton Co., AR; IL (including son Samuel Rose
-----of McDonald & Barry Cos., MO) $18**
John Rose (w Martha) Tippecanoe Co., IN $14*
John Rose
Sr. and Jr., Brunswick Co., VA $20**
John Rose (w Rhoda Crippen) see William & Elizabeth (Schoolcraft) Rose report
John Rose (w Mary Addison) Princess Anne Co., VA $15*
John Rose (Capt) (w Anna Beall) Loudoun Co., VA; Montgomery Co., MD; DC,
-----includes valuable data on six brothers, three of them revolutionary soldiers
-----from little known records and photocopies of these documents; also important 
-----clues on ancestry $22**
John Rose (w1 Lucy Boardman, w2 Catherine Wheeler) Broome Co., NY (extensive)        $20**
John Rose (w Elizabeth) Hunterdon, Sussex & Morris Cos., NJ, includes important
-----data on two generations previous to him in addition to his own family and descendants,
-----probably a Palatine family $20**
John Rose (w1 Susanna Morris, w2 Jane), Wash. DC; France; England $15*
John Rose Knox Co., TN $15*
John Rose (w Abigail Vanover) McCleary & Pulaski Cos., KY $16**
John Rose Green Co., IL $16**
John Rose (w Nancy) Lee & Scott Cos., VA; Carter Co., KY $17**
John Rose (w Hannah Addleman) Greene Co., PA $19**
John Rose (w Hester Bond) Kilravock, Scotland; London; SC $11*
John Rose (w Rachel Sparks) Surry Co., NC; Southampton Co., VA (lengthy) $20**
John Rose (w Sarah White) Jefferson Co., NY $20**
John Rose Ulster Co., NY, father of Aaron Rose of Roseburg, OR $20**
John Rose (King George & Stafford Cos., VA, father of Henry and Thomas $16**
John Rose (w Nancy Rose, dau. of Reuben) Henry & Robertson Cos., TN $16**
John Rose (w Rebeckah Bowen) Wolfe Co., KY; Harrison Co., VA;
-----We offer a direct line report - send your descent and we will prepare a special  report as far as we can take it in your line $20**
John Rose (w Mary) Washington Co., TN; Putnam & Clay Cos., IN, father of Allen of -------AR, Elihu of IN and others $19**
John Rose (w Catherine?, father of Walker, William, Stephen, John etc.) Oldham ----------Co., KY; Dubois Co., IN; Dallas Co., TX $16**
John Rose (w Eve) Allegheny & Westmoreland Cos., PA; Germany $18**
John Rose (w Margaret Stephens) Gallia Co., OH; Montgomery Co., VA $18**
John Rose Green Co. IL, includes additions on Cornelius Rose (w Catharine Osborne,
-----of Licking Co., IL; also Pleasant Rose who m. Nancy Witty; and Isaiah Rose,
-----all of whom may be connected) $18**
John Rose (w Phebe) White Co., TN; NC (lengthy) $20**
John Rose (w Elizabeth Seaton) Jefferson Co., KY; NJ $20**
John Rose (w Mary) Northumberland Co., VA $16**
John Rose Sr./Jr. Burke Co., NC (includes sons Samuel, Wilson, Elias J.; also John McRose) $19**
John Rose (w Annie Cox) Ulster Co., NY; Meigs Co., OH; WV (includes
-----sons Cyrenius, John H., Simon, etc.) $20**
John Rose Prince William Co., VA, father of Thompson and Washington Rose
-----of Guernsey Co., OH, etc. $20**
John Rose Philadelphia, PA (two unidentified families) $16**
John Rose, Scott & Lee Cos., VA $17**
John Rose (w Mary Ann Wilson) Newton Co., MO - see report on James Rose of Grundy Co., MO
John Rose (w Catherine) Centre Co., PA $16**
John Rose (m Margaret Edwards), Mich. $15*
John Rose Oldham Co., KY $15.00*
John A. Rose (w Elsie) Ulster Co., NY $15*
John E. Rose Washington Co., VA & PA $18**
John H. Rose (w Nancy Renfro) Shelby Co., TN $15*
John Johnson Rose Cherokee Co., NC; see Samuel Rose of Macon co. NC
John Mc Rose (w Martha Hibbits), see John Rose Jr. report, Burke Co. NC
John P. Rose King George and Caroline Cos., VA $15*
Jonathan Rose Pulaski Co., AR $15*
Jonathan A. Rose (w Lucinda Eggleton) Luzerne & Wyoming Cos., PA, see Luzerne Co., PA report
Joseph Rose Capt., (w Barbara Egburson) New York City $16**
Joseph Rose (w Ursula (Taylor) Wood) Lancaster Co., PA; Burlington Co., NJ; Dublin, Ireland $15*
Joseph Rose (w Ann Brock) Greenbriar Co., VA; Lewis Co, KY $15*
Joseph Rose (w Constant Price) Harford Co., MD; Brooke Co., WV $15*
Joseph Rose of Marshfield, MA $20**
Joseph Rose Sullivan Co., TN; Smith Co., TN; Cumberland Co., PA; Vanderburg Co., IN
-----(may not be all the same person) $16**
Joseph Rose (w Elizabeth Heltzel); see Cambria Co., PA report
Joseph Rose (w Catharine Bausemen, w Agnes), Montgomery & Giles Cos., VA,
-----includes son Charles of OH; son Jackson of VA, etc. $20**
Joseph Rose of York Co., ME $11.00*
Lawrence R
ose Bradford Co., PA; NY $14*
Lemuel Rose Long Island, N.Y.; Atlantic Co., NJ $18**
Lenox Rose Muhlenberg Co., KY $14*
Lewis Columbus Rose Van Buren Co., AR $8*
Littleberry Rose see William Rose of Sussex Co., VA report
Lorenzo Dow Rose Polk Co., Tenn.; Benton Co., AR $11*
Lovel Todd Rose Marengo Co., Ala. $9.00*
LUZERNE CO., PA REPORT: includes families of Abner Rose, Samuel Rose
-----and Jonathan A. Rose all of this county and of NY $20**
Matthew Rose (w Pheby House) Edgecombe Co., N: Robertson Co., TN; Callaway Co., KY $20**
Matthew M. Rose (w Lydia Whaley) Callaway Co., MO; Jackson Co., OH $16**
Matthias Rose Saratoga Co., NY; Ernesttown, Ontario, Canada $17**
McKenzie Rose (w Kezziah) Roane Co., TN (includes probable son Allen and other;
-----he is probable son of Hosea Rose) $19**
Micajah Rose NC, Callaway Co., KY, Pope Co., IL $12.00*
Rose, Wright & Texas Cos., MO, father of Alexander Hamilton Rose $15*
Morris Rose (w Phebe) Charles Co., VA [all we have on him and wife only] $11*
Nathan Rose (w Rebecca Rowan) Cherokee Co., NC; Blount Co., TN $15*
Nathaniel Rose (w Esther Dorton?) Estill Co., KY $19**
Oliver Rose (w
Elizabeth Redenberg) France, OH; Marion Co., MO $10*
Peter Rose (w Catherine Erway) Steuben Co., NY $19**
Peter Rose Dr., Seneca Co., NY $15*
Peter Rose (w Mary Gardner) Philadelphia; the first five generations of this early -----------family $20**
Phillip Rose (w Ruth Talkington) Franklin Co., PA, includes the unrelated family of -------his son-in-law Abraham Lacy Rose of NY (extensive) $20**
Phillip A. Rose (w Alzuera Miller) Washtenaw Co., MI; NY- see William Rose who
-----m. Elizabeth Brown listed below
Pleasant Rose (w Nancy Witty) Green & Cass Cos., IL; see John Rose of Greene Co. IL -----report
Reddick Rose Nash Co., NC $15*
Reuben Rose (w Elizabeth McCubbins) Claiborne Co., TN; King Geo.., VA $20**
Reuben Rose (w Martha Mason) Robertson Co., TN; Edgecombe Co., NC $18**
Richard Rose (w2 Mary Morris) Hancock Co. IL; Scott & Washington Cos., IN; KY; VA
-----(Rev. soldier) includes Francis who m. Mary Hale $20**
Richard 3 Rose (w Ann Horton) Surry & Sussex Cos., VA $13*
Richard 2 Rose (w Elizabeth Sowerby) Surry Co., VA $13*
Richard 3 Rose (w Mary) Southampton Co., VA $13*
Richard Rose (w Sarah Harrell) Robertson & Stewart Cos., TN; KY $18**
Robert Rose (w Sarah) Harrison Co., OH; NJ (extensive) $21**
Robert 1 Rose of Long Island, NY, early family, first five generations $22 plus $2.50 mailing
Robert Rose (w Jane Cree?), Montgomery Co., KY; PA $16**
Robert Rose Edgecombe Co., NC (father of Reuben, Matthew etc.) $18**
Robert Rose Washington DC; Montgomery Co., MD; Fairfax Co., VA, father
-----of Dr. Benjamin F. Rose of TX $17**
Robert H. Rose (Dr.) (w Jane Hodge) Susquehanna Co. & Philadelpha, PA, see
-----report of James Rose of Philadelphia
ROOSA FAMILY: Ulster Co., NY. First 5 generations $21**
Rutherford Rose and Green Rose, Cocke Co., TN $17**
Samuel Rose (w Sarah) Bennington Co., VT; Dutchess Co. NY, branches in Oneida,
-----Onondaga, Jefferson Cos., NY, etc. $20**
Samuel Rose (w Lydia Sizemore, Cherokee Indian) Wilkes Co., NC; VA $19**
Samuel Rose (w2 Mary Weist), Rev. soldier, Wilkes, Haywood, Buncombe,
-----Guilford & Macon Cos., NC $19**
Samuel Rose (w Peggy Cantrell) see John Rose Jr. of Burke Co., NC
Samuel Rose Oneida Co., NY $15*
Samuel Rose McDonald & Barry Cos., MO; Benton Co., AR - see John Rose and wife Rhoda Strain
Samuel Rose Berkeley Co., VA; Hamilton Co., OH; MO; IA $17**
Samuel Rose Bute Co., NC $11*
Samuel Rose Susquehanna & Luzerne Co., PA, see Luzerne Co. PA report
Samuel Rose and Alexander Rose, Hempstead & Lafayette Cos., AR $18**
Samuel Rose (w Sarah) Madison & Jackson Cos., KY $19**
Samuel Rose (w Anna Duckworth) Little Egg Harbour, Burlington Co., NJ $19**
Shadrick Rose, Ross Co., OH; NY $15*
Silas Rose (w Nancy Beatty) Loudoun Co., VA (son Christopher to OH; incl
-----John C. Rose of Pike Co., MO) $18**
Silas P. Rose, NC and AL $13*
Silent Rose (w Jerusha) Centerbrook & Lebanon, CT $15*
Solomon Rose (w Mary/Polly) Oneida Co., NY; Rock Co., WI; $15*
Solomon Rose (w Narcissa Arnold) NY City; OH; PA; Henry Co., IA; $13*
Solomon Rose (w Eliza) Darke Co., OH; Saline Co., NE, incl. data on probable
-----father John Rose of VA $16**
Stephen Rose (w Elizabeth Prout) Long Island; Hunterdon Co. NJ $13*
Stephen Rose (w Sally Rose) Herkimer Co., NY $19**
Stephen Rose (w Phebe) Morris Co., NJ $15*
Stephen Rose, Dubois Co. IN; see John Rose of Oldham Co., KY report
Sterling Rose (w Nancy) Wilkes Co., NC; King & Queen Co., VA; son of John Rose Sr. $18**
Theophilus Rose (w Christiana) Wayne Co., NC $15*
Thomas 1 Rose of Scituate, Mass. This early family here by 1660s. We offer a 5 generation report $20*
Thomas Rose and James Rose, Fannin Co., Tex.; Washington Co., Ark.; Pope Co., Ill. $15*
Thomas Rose New London Co. CT; see Joanna 1 Rose report
Thomas Rose (w Ann Bronnor) GA; Pope Co., IL $17**
Thomas Rose Sr., father of Thomas Jr. and William Rose (who m. Amy Langston),
-----Granville Co., NC $20**
Thomas Rose (w2 Sarah) Wilkes Co, GA; Elbert Co., GA; with data on his probable
-----connection to Granville Co., NC $20**
Thomas Rose (w1 Polly Brown?, w2 Barbary Crenshaw, w3 Polly Taylor) Vanderburg Co. IN;
-----Hardin & Grayson Cos., KY; GA, lengthy (almost 30 children!) $21 plus $6.45
-----priority mail or $2.75 regular mail
Thomas Rose (w Margaret Neal) Lawrence Co., OH $15*
Thomas Rose Halifax Co., VA; Guilford & Rockingham Co. NC $19**
Thomas Jefferson Rose (w2 Elizabeth Devlin? Doughty) KY; Clay Co., IL; Jasper
-----Co., MO; Bourbon Co. KS $12*
Thomas Rose, Warren Co., VA $14*
Thomas Rose Rev. War soldier of Bedford Co., VA (probable father of William Rose -------- who m. Susannah Dollard and lived OH) $20.00**
Thomas J. Rose, Woodford Co., KY; son to Madison Co., AR $14*
Thomas J. Rose, Dr., Bourbon Co., KS; MO; KY $16**
Thomas Jefferson Rose (w Dimity) and bro. George Washington Rose, Franklin Co., -----TN; see Eleanor Rose report
Thompson Rose (w Mary McCoy) OH; VA; see John Rose of Prince William Co., VA ---------report
Timothy Rose Middlesex Co., VA, more than one by the name $13*
Timothy Rose Conn.; Luzerne Co., PA; NY $19**
Timothy Rose Greene Co., NY f/o Nelson & Lauren Rose $15*
Tormut Rose (w Hannah), Block Island, RI, first five generations $20**
Tychicus Rose (w Catherine) Washington Co., PA $20**
TYCHICUS ROSE PARENT REPORT, an exciting report from a trip to WV and VA -----------which includes proof and photocopy of documentation of father of Tychicus $25
Uriah Rose (w Sarah Patch) NY $15*
Washington Rose (w Parmelia Robey) Guernsey Co., OH; see John Rose of
-----Prince William Co., VA report
William Rose, Bedford Co., PA, extensive, some branches to 5 generations, over 60 --------pages $20**
William Rose (w Susannah Dollard) - see Thomas Rose of Bedford Co., VA
William Rose (w1 Martha?, w2 Elizabeth) Surry & York Cos., VA, probable father of -------Roses of Wayne & Johnston Cos., NC $18**
William Rose
(w Elizabeth Brown) of Ulster Co., NY & MI $18**
William Rose (w Mary) Isle of Wight Co., VA (bro. of Francis of Nash Co., NC) $14*
William Rose (w Elizabeth (Alton) (Frost?) Fayette Co., PA (grandfather of
-----Judge Uriah Rose) (extensive) $20**
William 3 Rose (w1 Frances Briggs, w2 Elizabeth Goodrich Clinch) Surry Co., VA; RFB 1970 $13*
William Rose (w Maria DeWitt) Orange & Ulster Cos., NY $15*
William Rose (w Mary) Prince William & Loudoun Cos., VA; see John Rose of
-----Prince William Co., VA report
William Rose (w Parthena Chandler) Smith Co., TN $19**
William Rose (w Elizabeth Schoolcraft) Hesse Cassel, Germany; Schoharie, Tompkins -----& Delaware Cos., NY, sons to OH and IN (extensive) $22**
William Rose (w Amy Langston) Granville Co. NC see Thomas Rose Sr. of Granville --------Co., N.C. report
William 1 Rose (w Anne) Surry Co., VA, the immigrant here by 1650; updated $13*
William 2 Rose (w Lucy Corker Jordan) Surry Co., VA $13*
William Rose (w1 Mary Adkins, w2 Winifred Neal) Lawrence & Gallia Cos., OH;
-----Montgomery Co., VA; Warren Co., IN $18**
William Rose, Halifax Co., NC (descendants into Montgomery Co., TN, Warren Co., -------GA; Rhea Co. TN) $19**
William 4 Rose (w Mary Ezell) Sussex Co., VA, father of Frederick Rose of TN and AR -----$20**
William 5 Rose, Col. (w Elizabeth Meredith) Giles Co., TN; Brunswick Co., VA $18**
William Rose (w Hannah Wolven) Ulster Co., NY $19**
William Rose (w Martha) Bute & Franklin Cos., NC; Southampton Co., VA $19**
William Rose (w Elizabeth Merritt) Whitley Co., KY; Granville Co., NC (lengthy) $19**
William Rose (w Rebecca Barnes) Huntington Co. IN $10*
William Rose (w Elizabeth Brown) Ulster Co., NY; Washtenaw Co., MI, probable
-----father of
Philip A. Rose and others $20**
William Rose (w Ruth Comstock) Otsego Co., NY; LaSalle Co. IL $17**
William Rose (w Mary) Platte & Clay Cos., MO; IN: VA $19**
William Templeton Rose (w1 Hester Ann Odell, w2 Irene Taber, w3 Deborah Caroline -----Clark) Taney & Mercer Cos., MO; Decatur & Wayne Cos, IA $12*
Willoughby Rose (w Charity Barton) Warren Co., NC; Warren Co, KY; Lafayette Co., -----MO $20**
Wilson Rose, NC; VA, see report of John Rose Jr. of Burke Co., NC
Winston C. Rose (w Mary Maddy) Bradley Co., TN; Macoupin Co., IL; Newton Co., MO -----$15*
Zachariah Rose, Rev., see report on Francis Rose of Buncombe Co., NC

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