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The following books have been compiled by
Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG

DESCENDANTS OF ROBERT ROSE OF BRANFORD AND WETHERSFIELD, CONNECTICUT, WHO CAME ON THE SHIP FRANCIS IN 1634 FROM IPSWICH, ENGLAND, 1983. The largest of all Rose families of the U.S. Contains many records from war files, census, Bibles, biographies, photos, probates, etc. Anyone with unidentified Roses should examine this book. Ten generations on some branches included. Hard cover, illus., fully indexed, pp. xvi, 512. Price: $38.50 plus $6.45 shipping.

ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF REV. ROBERT ROSE AND REV. CHARLES ROSE OF SCOTLAND AND COLONIAL VIRGINIA, with information on their brothers Patrick, James, Hugh, George, Alexander and John, 1985. This is a full genealogy of the well-known and prominent Rose family of Virginia. Rev. Robert Rose became one of the great planters of colonial Virginia. Includes parish register records from Scotland, and many important documents on this family. Seven generations on some branches. Hard cover, fully indexed, illus., pp. xiv., 318. Price $25.00 plus $6.45 shipping
The two books above were the recipient of the
prestigious Donald Lines Jacobus award.

Also available from the Rose Family Association, compiled by Christine Rose, the following researching books, fully indexed.

ROSE WAR FILES: VOL. I. LAND BOUNTY ABSTRACTS. 1997. Over 400 files abstracted for land bounty based on War of 1812, Indian, Mexican and other early wars, many containing extremely information on marriages, Bibles, etc. These valuable files give a wealth of clues. Fully indexed both by name and locality. $13.50 plus $3.00 shipping

ROSE WAR FILES: VOL. II. ABSTRACTS OF REVOLUTIONARY PENSION FILES FOR ROSE. 85 pg. 1996. Fully indexed both by name and locality. $11.00 plus $2.75 shipping

ABSTRACTS OF EARLY VIRGINIA ROSE ESTATES: Wills, Inventories & Administrator's Bonds Before 1850, 48 pp., 1972. Fully indexed. $12.00 plus $5.60 shipping

ANDREW ROSE FAMILY OF BUCKS CO., PA. AND MERCER CO., PA.: The First Five Generations in America, 81 pp., 1977. No longer available. Superseded with updated information on the Andrew Rose Family Report. See listing of Family Reports on this website for details.

ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF FREDERICK ROSE OF WAYNE AND HARDIN COS., TENN., ORANGE CO., N.C. AND SUSSEX CO., VA., 2nd ed., rev. and enlarged, 92, x. pp., photos. Fully indexed. $13.00 plus $6.45 shipping.

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To the left is Kilravock Castle near Inverness, Scotland,, home of the Roses of Kilravock for many centuries. Members of the Rose Family Association have made three group trips there, in 1982, 1992 and 1997. This rollover view is from the front of Kilravock Castle to the back. (Some browsers will not show the rollover.) Price: Hard cover, illustrated. $25.00. Postage $5.60.


FAMILY OF ROSE OF KILRAVOCK [SCOTLAND] 1290-1847. Reprint of the scarce edition compiled by Hew Rose, extended by Rev. Lachlan Shaw, originally published Edinburgh 1848. It is a fascinating and unique history of the Scottish Rose family, and includes some references Što lines that came into America. (Rev. Robert Rose of Virginia for instance is descended from the 8th Baron of Kilravock; various other Scottish Šimmigrants are connected.) Though the Rose Family Association traces Roses of all nationalities, the Scottish family with their long line from Kilravock and their history as a peaceful clan fascinates all by the name. pp. ix, 531. $25.00. Shipping charges $6.45 added.
Go to: Kilravock Castle at Croy, Scotland -for information on accommodations, history etc. of Kilravock Castle.

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