Family of Ulster County, New York

This family, originally Roosa, is of interest to those carrying the name of Rose because many changed the spelling of their name from Roosa to Rose, particularly in the mid-1800s. The largest of these families came early.

Aldert Heymanse Roosa, came to America from Herwynen, Holland with his wife and children aboard the Bontekoe (Spotted Cow). He died 27 February 1679, in Hurley, Ulster County, New York, the date supplied when his wife on 2 March 1679 acted as sponsor for her grandson, Aldert, son of Heiman Aldertse Rosa and Margriet Rosevelt, his wife, 2 March 1679. The Dutch Dominie made this entry: Wielke de Jongh, widow of Aldert Heimansse Rosa, who died 27 Feb. 1678-9 (Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston, Bapt. #175).

Aldert Heymanse Roosa married in Holland to Wyntje Ariens d'jong, who as already noted survived him.

An article by Dirk P. De Young, "Notes on the Roosa-de Jongh Families," (New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Jan. 1939, pp. 33-34), give evidence to support the maiden name of Aldert's wife Wyntjie. He supports his findings with the documents extracted from the Gerechtelijke Archieven van de Gerichtsbank van Tuil, Province of Gelderland, 1588-1681, the judicial archives of the District Court of the district that embraces Herwijnen.

"1) June 29, 1664. Arien Ariensen De Jongh (this was a brother of 'Wijntje Ariens') conveyed land in Herwijnen to Peter Jans Beuschem, by virtue of a power of attorney given him by Alert Hymensen Roosa (husband of Wijntje) on February 28, 1660, and the security given to bind the transaction was Alert Hermansen's interest in the estate of the late Arien Meertensen De Jongh, to assure the buyer that any taxes on the same back as far as 1626 would be paid.

"The estate mentioned was apparently that of the father of Wilhelmina De Jongh, wife of Alert Hymansen Roosa, as he would have acted for her. This document also indicated that Arien Meertensen De Jongh was the owner of the land as early as 1626, and it reveals that the father of Arien Meertensen De Jongh was Meerten.

"2) March 3, 1660. Alert Hymensen Roosa,living in Herwijnen, conveyed half of a tract of land as yet undivided between the heirs of Govert Ariensen De Jongh, in Hellouw (a mile or so from Herwijnen), and again he pledged his interest in the estate of the late Arien Meertensen De Jongh as security for the fulfillment of the contract. It is further proof that the wife of Alertor Aldert Hymansen Roosa was the daughter of Arien Meertensen De Jongh. The De Jongh family owned large fowler preserves in Hellouw in the seventeenth century."

De Young continues with additional documents and other important data on the background of the De Jongh family.

The passenger list of the "Bontekoe," (Spotted Cow), of April 15, 1660, contains the name of Aldert Heymans, agriculturist, from Herwynen, Gelderland, who came with his wife and eight children, viz.: Arie, 17; Heyman, 15, Jan 14; Eyke, 9; Maritje, 8; Neeltje, 7; Jannetje, 4 and Aert, 2 (Doc. Hist. N.Y., III, p. 56).

Children: ROOSA, first eight born in Holland, the last born in Esopus, New York.

Arie Heymanse b. ca 1643, m. Maritie Pels
Heyman Aldertse b. ca 1645, m. Anna Margriet Roosevelt
Jan, b. ca 1646, m. Hellegond Willemsen Van Buren
Eyke, b. ca 1651, m. Roeloff Kiersted
Maritje b. ca 1652, m. Albert or Laurens Jansen 1653,m.Henry Pawling (Pauldin/Paeldin)
Jannetje b. ca 1656, m. Matys Ten Eyck
Aert b. ca 1658
Guert, d. 15 June 1664 just before baptism

A five generation report of this family with abstracts of many documents abstracted at the Ulster County Courthouse, and supplemented by various other data, is available from the Rose Family Association. Email

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